Friday, July 22, 2011

Wait a minute

My book is COMPLETELY ruined now!

I'm definitely making a censored and uncensored version.

And yes, I should totally feel bad for them. And I do. Maybe I should ask for details..

Anyways, that's the flow of life, I guess. I feel bad. I want to see Lion now. I want to make him feel better. Maybe talk to him about it.

He really is something. It must be killing them both.

If I do this the way I intended to do it, it will not end well for me, so I will change the story.

But then what if I'm accused of bias? IT RUINS SUCH A GREAT SCENE

I know, sounds selfish. But what's done is done...

So good news: I can work with new ideas on the ending now

Bad news: Something bad happened:(

Wait a minute

>Heard that T was SL's only
>Remembers Lion

Well then again, why would you tell something like that to your Royal?

I think I'll make a second blog

I have all sorts of ideas.

I want to make posts about speculation.

Maybe everything is just gonna go back to normal

I can't be that worse off than when I started